I have a good friend who is an amazing real estate agent and a great Mother of 3 healthy, loving, funny boys. She chose to take the path of holistic wellness years ago. Being a Mom is a full time job, but now being a Mom, a wife, and a NYC real estate agent is a lot to juggle. She incorporates yoga, meditation, chiropractic and eating organically to create balance (in which she is BIG on) in order to keep her body healthy to stay on top of everything which has paid off.

She was having a casual conversation with a close friend who was struggling to get pregnant and she made a simple suggestion to change her diet. Eliminate dairy, processed foods, alcohol, and to eat as close to the source as possible. Close to the source is as close to nature as possible such as organic fruits and veggies, organic or grass fed meats, chicken, fish, etc.. Within one month her friend conceived, she is now 6 months pregnant and doing great. She is eternally grateful. I know it all sounds so simple but it is just that simple.

Changing your diet makes a HUGE difference in what the body does NATURALLY! Sometimes the thought of it is scarier than the action. I know, because I used to drink coke for breakfast, add sugar to my coffee, eating burgers from fast food places and pizza every day, suffering from severe constipation and fatigue. Today it’s the complete flip side of that. It all started the same way my friend suggested to her friend, I thought about it and tried it. Think about it….“The only thing that beats a failure is a try”. OMG… I can’t believe I just used that quote. My parents said that to me growing up! I guess it paid off. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Women and couples who are challenged with conceiving is one of the biggest epidemics I’ve seen in my career. It’s quite saddening. Many of us dream of having a family and then to be told it’s inconceivable. No woman or couple EVER wants to face that reality. Conception is our birthright.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that they have ANOTHER option and that is to seek out a natural health practitioner. In western medicine it’s mainly about blood work, fertitlity tests, and administering drugs. In the world of natural healthcare we take it MANY MANY steps further. If the body is not able to conceive, it’s because there are imbalances with how the body is functioning as a whole. It’s not just the “reproductive system” that’s struggling, it’s a multitude of things that are taking place. Your natural healthcare practitioner looks at EVERY aspect of your life. “Health issues are life issues”. We look at your diet and lifestyle, work, family, stress levels, emotional state, home environment, blood work, hormone panels, and the state of your relationships. I’ve worked with couples where one of the partners in the relationship had no real interest in having a child, that can create an immense amount of stress and there can be a negative physiological response affecting different systems of the body. What most people don’t think about is once they are pregnant is the body strong enough to carry full term. Getting healthy is a journey, but it’s an amazing journey to a happier, richer life.

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There is hope in taking the natural health route for so many different reasons. It will help to bring balance in many areas of your life. If you want a more expansive explanation or just want to learn more, please take a look at the rest of my blog. I also included a few helpful resources below regarding the journey to getting pregnant.

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Love & Light,
Dr. Heather Pearman