The body is an amazing feedback system. It is intelligently designed biochemically, biophysically,  and has biofields, which are the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical fields. Disruptions in any of the other four fields will eventually result in physical dysfunction. One major concept that is overlooked in western medicine vs. eastern is the emotional affect on the physical body. Neurologist, Dr. Antonio Demasio, states that feelings are “mental experiences of body states’, which arise as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s responses to external stimuli. In other words, feelings are how we act and emotions are physical responses in the body. For example, if you’re feeling sad you act sad, if you’re feeling happy you act happy. E-motions (energy in motion) affect the body biochemically and how the body responds.

Codependency and unhealthy relationships are two major experiences that affect how the body is functioning. Codependents take care of and nurture everyone else and not themselves. Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Chancellor and Founder of JUIS (Jewel University of Immortal Sciences) states “nurture is the key emotion of the breast”. When a person is not nurturing themselves, giving themselves the time and attention that’s necessary, this becomes a state of disharmony and the body takes the hit.

In addition to the emotional and mental stress, other stressors that need to be addressed are, nutritional depletion, environmental (field pollution), chemical (artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, etc.) electromagnetic (cell phones,computers), and lack of spiritual practice (prayer, yoga, meditation, brain balancing, etc.). They are all equally important to create balance. As one becomes more conscious of their reality , the mental and emotional state are congruent, the immune system, and all of its complimentary capabilities, is then free to take care of any imbalance.

The body is such an amazing, autonomous, self-organizing, healing system when it’s in balance.  Dr. Heather Pearman, owner of Intelligently Designed Wellness, designs individual programs for clients, looking at all aspects in order to bring balance into one’s health and life. Her ultimate intention is to aid others in creating the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, and most purposeful life they were designed to live. If you are interested in knowing more or are interested in a consultation or program, please feel free to connect with Dr. Heather Pearman @ 914-374-3484 (call or text) or Please go to to learn about other services, upcoming events and to download Dr. Pearman’s FREE E-book “The Doctor Within: 5 Steps to reclaim your healing power to overcome stress and disease”.

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