Ill heartone dispute sad couple man and womanRelationship stress can affect your health like any other health issue. Neuroscientist, Dr. Antonio Damasio, states that “feelings are mental experiences of body states which arise as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s responses to external stimuli”. Emotions are a “physiological profile”. The emotions that one may be anchored to such as sadness, fear, anger, vulnerability, abandonment, guilt, shame, etc., can affect the body in a multitude of ways, ie. depressed immune system function, imbalanced neurotransmitter production (serotonin, gaba, etc.), disturbed digestion, elevated blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss, low back pain, infertility, IBS, headaches, knee pain, severe menstrual pain, depression,inability to stay focused, lack of concentration, etc. As a holistic practitioner, for over 15 years and master transformational coach, I’ve seen it all.

To share some experiences, I once had a client that presented with different health issues, headaches, back pain, fatigue, and disturbed digestion. By the third visit she was feeling better and had expressed that she had been having challenges in her marriage. As we addressed the challenges in her marriage as well as the health issues, she got better rather quickly. Another client called for an appointment for digestive problems. The day of her appointment she practically broke down the front door, walked right into the treatment room and expressed that she needed to have love in her life. These sessions became more and more frequent, and pushed me to begin working with couples and singles to overcome their relationship struggles. Now, as a master transformational coach, specializing in relationships, is beyond fulfilling. It’s beautiful to see couples that were on the verge of divorce, completely mend their relationship, and singles who never thought that they would find love in their life, find the love of their life.

Relationships are one of the most confusing, challenging and beautiful things that we will ever get to experience in our lifetime. Trying to mend relationships cannot be cookie cutter, which is why sometimes, traditional therapy or counseling doesn’t work. It needs to be detailed and personalized. Clients need to be understood as individual as well as couples. The goal is not to create a relationship based on needs…”you meet my needs and I’ll meet yours”. That’s a fear based approach. Relationships thrive on understanding and aligning values, inspiration, trust, compassion, intimacy, communication, gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgment, and of course the most powerful energy in the Universe… LOVE. This is the foundation to the approach in my practice, and that programs are “designed” for clients, by utilizing different techniques and technology, to re-code, reprogram, and transform the internal blueprints that have been at the root cause of their relationship challenges.


If you’re having challenges and ready to transform and create a rock solid relationship give me a call today, to set up a free consultation, @ 914-374-3484 or email, I look forward to connecting with you.

Yours in Love, light, and transformation,
Dr. Heather Pearman