Heather Pearman Relationship Mentor Back in January after listening to a few guided meditations on my laptop, my iTunes popped up and the song that started to play was “Clarity” by the group Zedd featuring Foxes (but sung by Michelle Chamuel from “The Voice”). I tried to stop it but for some reason it would NOT shut off. As I sat and listened, it was like hearing it for the first time. The chorus really popped out at me: “If our love is a tragedy….why are you my remedy? If our love’s insanity….why are you my clarity?” Relationships are one of the biggest challenges that we are EVER going to experience in our lifetime and they are far more than living “happily ever after”. They are one of the greatest opportunities and gifts to identify and reflect what is happening in our inner world. All relationships are a mirror image and an extension of ourselves on some level.

We already come into the relationship with open wounds, and sometimes, we use it as a band-aid to cover and suppress the wounds. When we use relationships as a band-aid, the wounds go untreated, and they get bigger, deeper, and more painful like diabetic sores (if you’ve ever seen one), and in most situations, this is the point of no return and the relationship self-destructs over time.

Relationships are supposed to be more therapeutic. It’s an opportunity to heal the wounds by exposing them to the fresh air and love that they truly need. By being more conscious and aware of what is surfacing, and allowing yourself to learn and heal from it, AND THEN by bringing gratitude to it, you have just opened yourself up to more love than you could ever imagine.

OK, so tell me…Who doesn’t want more of this??!! It will also open up the doors of increased communication and intimacy with your partner because NOW, you have a better understanding of who you are. We need to learn to love and forgive ourselves unconditionally which breeds more patience and less blame in all situations and relationships over time.

So, getting back to Zedd’s fantabulous song “Clarity”… The “Remedy and Clarity” is fixing and getting to know “YOU” a little better. Spend some time looking at what surfaces in you when you are in a challenging situation with your partner. Allow yourself to learn and heal from it, and move forward to a more purposeful life filled with love, joy, prosperity and abundance.

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Is your relationship a band-aid for unhealed wounds