La indiferencia en la pareja,mujer bocina.

Relationships are one of the most challenging, confusing, and beautiful things that we will ever experience in our lifetime. It is where we grow and truly get to know ourselves better!
We meet “the one” and everything is going great for a couple of years and then things start to change and out of know where we are saying “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?”. You feel like you’ve been blind- sided or that your partner has gone completely deaf. We find ourselves blaming the other person for the relationship having it’s challenges or why it fell apart. There are so many reasons as to WHY this has happened, and of course we always say lack of communication is the biggest one and you’re right. The BIGGEST mistake that is made is that we believe it has to do solely with talking or during intimacy, or that our partners should be able to read our minds. THE REAL question is do we know each other well enough and how well do we know OURSELVES?

In a “Couple’s Breakthrough Session”, the FIRST question I ask them individually is what do you want? You would NOT BELIEVE it when I tell you so many people are confused or really don’t know what they actually want. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DON”T WANT. There is this belief that the relationship is just supposed to work because you fell “in love” and that is doesn’t need any maintenance. BIGGEST mis-belief. ALL THINGS ON PLANET EARTH NEED MAINTENANCE. One major tool that will help to maintain any relationship is when we know ourselves as individuals first. If we don’t know what we want or who we really are…… how can we expect our partners too?? This can create mass confusion overtime, and miscommunication. This can be one of the major causes of the demise of a relationship.
When a couple’s values and beliefs are aligned, the communication gets so much better. Your partner can clearly hear what you are trying to express. It’s like speaking a new language, more like a language of love, because you have a deeper connection. There is no guessing. Intimacy gets better as well, and when all of these are in order the relationship is rock solid and there is no room for doubt or lack of trust. There is only room for expansion.
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Yours in Love & Light,
Dr.Heather Pearman
Transformational Coach
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