This is one of the greatest gifts that you can get for yourself or for someone else that you truly love and care for. Great way to kick off 2016!

Guilt is one of the heaviest and most toxic emotions that has weighted many many lives, severely impacted health, destroyed relationships, and has caused a lot of business owners to lose a lot of $$$$. I know what is has done to mine. I’ve missed out on so many great experiences had being anchored to the emotion and feeling of guilt. Being in that state doesn’t allow you to be present. Your body may be in the room, but your mind is truly somewhere because it creates a major distraction. Guilt is nothing but a game of the ego. I always say that your body and your mind are in conversation with GOD… The question IS are you listening? Once I learned in my own spiritual journey that this is something that I can let go of, it instantly changed my life. My relationships, business and health all started to improve. I found overall that my presence, awareness, and consciousness is far more expansive. The people, and great opportunities that came into my life and keep coming has been amazing. I am so much happier, and live life with such amazing intention!

Time to take control of your life and “Let Go of Guilt NOW… and watch your health improve, wealth increase and relationships flourish!!”

On January 1st.. In this great bundle package you will receive an e-book, written affirmations, audio affirmations and meditations. You will learn how the emotion and feeling of guilt affects the body, the mind and consciousness. With the affirmations and meditations you will instantly feel and see the difference!

My way of saying Thank You… you will get your copy today for only $14.95! After January 1st it goes up to $23.95.


Wishing you Love, Light, and Transformation,
Dr. Heather Pearman