Young coupleThis is the question of the century! I was on the phone today with a new client and she wanted know why “she keeps picking the wrong romantic partner”. She’s attracted to someone who is unavailable and the person that is dying to be with her just can’t get their life into order. I expressed that it’s really what is going on within her own consciousness and the energy that she is carrying as to why this keeps happening.

The change really needs to begin within. We can only attract what is inside of us. There are a multitude of influences as well. Our “transgenerational” history, which can go back many generations as to what a healthy relationship may look like. The emotions and feelings that we are anchored to play a major part as to how we function in a relationship. What are we carrying? Fear, shame, guilt, low self worth, anger, poverty consciousness, lack of trust, lack of self love, etc. What we find wrong within another person may be the very thing that needs to change within ourselves. Just one BIG MIRROR REFLECTION. This can be difficult digest, but when you begin to ponder you will find that you relate to what is being stated. Also, Are we open to receiving? So many of us are NOT open to receiving. We shut out those blessings all of the time. Watch yourself the next times someone offers to help or assist you. Do you say yes thank you or no thank you?  What are your core relationship values? Most failed relationships or marriages, has a lot to do with values not being aligned. They don’t have to be the same, but they do need to be aligned. Most people generally do not know what their values are until they are asked by a professional. I was working with one client on her relationship values,  she stated happiness, love, joy and honesty. None of these were being experienced in her current relationship, and there was lack of honesty on her end. By the time we finished her session, the list of values shifted tremendously.  She realized why the situation was unhealthy, why she needed to let it go and the things that she needed to shift within herself in order to attract the right person.

Finding love, is really about self love first. It’s about healing, and changing the lens that we see life through. When we get rid all of that baggage, you feel so much better about yourself and you begin to see and experience some of the most amazing things that you just couldn’t see before. When you clear out the junk you don’t get more junk, you open yourself up  to the blessings and beauty that’s waiting up ahead.

We all deserve to have love and give love! Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.
Dr. Heather Pearman Relationship Mentor

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Wishing you Love, Light, & Transformation,
Dr. Heather Pearman